Volunteer Day Activities

It was a damp and cold Sunday morning but three volunteers and our country crafts mentor, Peter Burton, all had set their clocks forward correctly to turn up at 10:00am for another session at Moons Moat.

We split into two groups, myself and Mark were assigned the task of making three bat boxes whilst Sue and Peter set off to give all the Nature Trail post a spruce up with a light coat of creosote.

Two hours later we met up again with the bat boxes ready to be mounted and all the posts looking ready for the official launch of the Nature Trail in a few weeks times.

Had a few minutes to capture some of the wild life in the immediate vicinity of the seat on the south bank of the pond. A pair a grey squirrels, the small group of Mallard ducks and a large quantity of frogs spawn. It was also good to see the wild garlic planted last month has taken and is growing and few varieties of flowers left over from the snowdrop planting and well as the now perennial daffodils plants by local schools a few years ago.

We were all feeling a bit cold and damp by 12:30 so called it a day.

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