About Us

Moons Moat Conservation Group

The Moons Moat Conservation Group was formed by concerned Redditch residents to investigate, conserve and promote the historic Moons Moat site located in the Church Hill area of the town.

The group is lottery funded and meets regularly to progress these aims.

The Moons Moat Conservation Group was initially funded by a Local Heritage Initiative grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and is working in partnership with Redditch borough Council. 

Phil Mitchell, Secretary of the Group said at the time: “We hope that people will come and discover what Moons Moat and the local area has to offer. At the moment only local residents and a privileged few know of its existence.  Over the past few years thanks to funding and support from Redditch Council and the Big Lottery Fund, we’ve been able to improve the site substantially, including clearing mud from the moat, and planting flowers and shrubs which have encouraged wildlife to settle.”

“Now we want to make sure that that the importance of the site and the money and time invested in making it a great place appreciated by more residents and visitors to the local area.  This is certainly a significant historical and recreational asset of which the town can be proud.”

20  years on from its founding, the group is still campaigning for the Moat to be maintained appropriate to its status as a scheduled Monument.

2017 saw a significant year when the MMCG partnered with the Church Hill Big Local Partnership’s Green Spaces team.

This new alliance has seen a renewed enthusiasm and progress is making the aims of the MMCG become a reality.

If you would like more information or wish to join the group please go to the Contact Us page on this site.