July Volunteers Day

Despite the lack of posts on this group page, volunteer days continue on a monthly basis

.Last Sundays was limited to 3 hours because of the heat but in that time we managed to install two more Nature Trail posts as well as do some ongoing work on the wild flower meadow.

The last four Nature Trail posts have been delayed whilst we awaited permission from Historic England to do work within the scheduled Moat area. This permission came through a few weeks ago and, with due notice given to HE of our intentions to install two posts giving them the option to attend and ensure we are working to their guidelines, posts 8 and 9 are now installed. Just posts 6 & 7 to go in next month so we are now working on the associated documentation and the planned launch of the trail hopefully in September.

Still plenty of opportunities for new, and returning, volunteers to join us. Where else can you learn how to pull up Dock plants in a bag to avoid spread the seeds or collect and spread Yellow Rattle in a way that emulates nature.

Look out for our new web site at moons-moat.online where you can find contact details should you wish to join us.

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